Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I thought that perhaps Cccam was exaggerating when it came to Mileycyrus990 on youtube.

She's not. One of her videos (link: ) which, surprise, she actually made herself got commented by someone named horsegirl04. Basically, here's the conversation:

horsegirl04: you are being so rude to cccam. just some info, it makes people loose respect from you. which is happening if you havent noticed.

the oh-so-mature mileycyrus990: you just shut up

cwgcGymnast: dnt tell her 2 shut up u shut up!

Me: Yeah. Don't expect to get many more viewers and friends that way. Word spreads, and people lose any respect they had for you. And I can tell you that everyone has been flagging your videos for copyright, so don't expect them to be around much longer. Stealing work is wrong.

mileycyrus990: real nice lie but your still a pig face:>):#

Me: Oh, was that aimed at me? And is that the best you can come up with? By the way, it's not a lie. Everyone at Chalk Bucket knows now.

mileycyrus990: every one who talks to you knows about yoiur face you should get fixed!!!!!!

Me: Yes, everyone knows my face. But not because it's ugly, I can tell you that much. By the way, how old are you? Because you're acting about 6.

Wow. How mature is she? Do me a favor, go and flag her videos. She doesn't deserve any attention. :S