Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy November!

Hola everyone!

A new month, a new layout. And now, we're getting into the Thanksgiving swing of things with a fabulous fall layout. I'll make the matching banner ASAP, I swear.

And maybe if something EXCITING would happen in the gymnastics world would happen, I'd post. But nothing is going on, so here I sit. I'm gonna have to dig to find something. I can tell you guys that I'll have a report from Cleveland after the tour stop there on November 6th... I'm so excited! The 2004 tour was a big reason I started competing, so I hope this will energize me in the same kind of way...

One thing I know... you can expect to hear about it HERE! :D


Thursday, October 16, 2008

New Layout is Up!

I stayed home from school today since I wasn't feeling 100%, so I made the layout for October! Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I thought I would highlight that in the layout. :]

As always, stay tuned for any info that happens to pop up in the gym world. You'll see it here, I promise!

Oh, and be sure to head back over to cccam's blog, as she has returned to her amazing sarcasm-ness! Good to have you back in the blogging world! ;)


Monday, October 6, 2008


I'm quite sorry I haven't posted since the Olympics - I really don't have an excuse. I just didn't post, I won't lie. I hope I still have people out there that are reading! :)

Nothing much of importance has happened in the world of gymnastics lately. The FIG did investigate the ages of the Chinese team and they said that they were legit. Surrrrrrrre. I still don't get how you can look at He Kexin and say, "Oh, she looks 16!" -_-

But enough on that.

I'm working on a new layout - I'll hopefully have it up by Friday. I'm thinking a halloween or autumn type theme... And then comes Christmas! The time when every little gymnast wants Santa to bring leotards and grips down the chimney. Get excited, fools... only 79 days, 3 hours, and 25 minutes until the big day!

I'm sleep deprived. I'm going to bed now.