Sunday, August 17, 2008

Things I've Loved About Floor Finals

1. Shawn ROCKED her routine. And she held on to first for a good while as the first athlete to compete - jeez!

2. Jiang Yuyuan's floor routine. I can't get over how playful and fun it is - it really does bring the crowd to it's feet! That's what gymnastics should be. Even if she is Chinese... and I do quite loathe them and their lying ways. Oh... and her smile scares the living crap outta me. -_-

3. Anna Pavlova's double layout. Holy cow... it's actually quite pretty compared to most other gymnasts'. Actually, Anna Pavlova's whole routine up until the fall was awesome!

4. Cheng Fei blowing it TWICE tonight. I really dislike her.

5. Nastia's opening pass. Especially when it's compared to her second pass. -_-

6. The fact that Nastia's routine is so based on ballet! Everyone in the competition should watch and learn, because THAT's what gymnastics should look like!

7. Sandra Izbasa's stuck first and third passes. But the first WAS sloppy. :(

8. While Sandra Izbasa doesn't have the best form, her routine was REALLY good. Her landings were the best of anyone in the competition.

9. Shawn didn't even flinch when she realized she got silver. It amazes me that she has that kind of sportsmanship. That's why she has the fanbase that she does!

Expect a similar post for beam and bars finals as well. :)

Friday, August 15, 2008

Nastia Gets GOLD, Shawn Gets SILVER!


To anyone who stayed up until the boonies of the morning to watch, what a great AA Final!

I'm so glad that Nastia won... of course, I feel bad for Shawn too, but she still got a silver! That makes ShawNastia the first US women to go 1-2 in the All-Around Final.

AWESOME job to both! :D

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Well... if you didn't know by now, China won the team portion of the Olympics.

Alicia Sacramone fell on beam AND floor... and I was ready to shoot her. Isn't she supposed to be the team leader? :/

Well... let's hope that this all plays out like 2004. Team silver, AA Gold!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Couple Updates

I've been on vacay for the past week, so I wasn't able to post much (the internet at the hotel was dial-up... never again, friends). So here's a few things I missed;

1. Chellsie is only going to be competing bars at the Olympics. That sounds OK to me... bars is where we need her most!

2. It's a Hamm-less Olympics! Morgan pulled out a few days ago. He was replaced by Sasha Artemev.

3. Speaking of the men's team, they already competed in qualifications. They finished in 6th place, which moved them forward to team finals. I hope they can pull it together, it would be great to see them finish on the podium after such a tough quad.

4. The women's qualifications have also already happened (stop reading if you want to watch the TV airing!). The USA finished 2'd to China. China finished with a 248.275, and the US with a 246.800.

Uh oh. :/

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Uh Oh.

BEIJING, Aug. 3, 2008 – U.S. Olympic gymnast Chellsie Memmel has injured her ankle in training. Memmel is still expected to compete in the Olympic Games.
“USA Gymnastics is monitoring Chellsie on a daily basis,” said USA Gymnastics president Steve Penny.

That's from USAG's website. Hopefully everything will be OK... I would not be pleased if she had to pull out and be replaced by Jana. :/

On the other hand, I'm VERY excited that Raj is going to the Olympics! :D