Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Well... if you didn't know by now, China won the team portion of the Olympics.

Alicia Sacramone fell on beam AND floor... and I was ready to shoot her. Isn't she supposed to be the team leader? :/

Well... let's hope that this all plays out like 2004. Team silver, AA Gold!


gymgirliexo said...

Aw don't shoot Alicia! I love her! She just let the pressure get to her I guess. I mean how can you not? Its the Olympics people! I would definitely let the pressure get to me there too unfortunitely. I think they should have brought in the alternates when Chellsie got hurt. They probably couldn't have because Sam got hurt like right before. But we would have at least been able to have 5 people who could compete more then just bars.... Silver is still pretty good for all those girls have been through. Its all of their first olympics and 2 were hurt so only doing 1 event. Their team leader messed her own stuff up so they had to pick it up too. I saw Sam like giving Alicia a pep talk or something. But its all right. They all are still awesome to me. haha.

Kayleigh said...

OK, ok. She is still one of my favorites... I couldn't bring myself to shoot her. ;)

Silver was awesome for them. It wasn't just Alicia who had mistakes... Good Lord, Shawn Johnson stepped out of bounds! And China hit when they needed to. So yeah, it was right that we got 2'd. Who knows what would've happened if we hit (*cough*and if China would follow the rules and not let 14 year olds on the team... *coughcough*... :P).

Well... let's hope it's like 2004... next up would be an AA Gold! :D

gymgirliexo said...

They all stepped out of bounds in team finals. Alicia would have had a higher start value if she didn't fall because she connected stuff to her mount didn't she? And I think that if she didn't fall on beam she probably wouldn't have fallen on floor but we won't ever know. AA Gold=Shawn Johnson. AA Silver= Nastia Liukin.

Kayleigh said...

Yep. No use in the what-if's anymore... what's done is done. And a silver medal is still a silver medal! I hope you're right with Shawn and Nastia being 1&2, that would be the best. :)