Sunday, April 26, 2009

Some Actual News...

Two posts in one day, woohoo!

1. Samantha Peszek has verbally comitted to UCLA. I think that they need her right about now. Time to regroup and recompose after that heartbreaker of a tie at NCAA's.

2. Gymnasts have been selected to compete in friendly dual-meets in Germany and France on May 1st and 8th, respectively. Those gymnasts would be Bridget Sloan, Bridgette Caquatto, Mackenzie Caquato, Olivia Courtney, Kytra Hunter, Mattie Larson, Corrie Lothrop, and Sabrina Vega. USA is going to wipe up, I'm thinking.

3. Keep voting for Shark! They got their first 10 of the season with an awesome cha-cha last week. Keep it up guys! :]

New... Montage?

I don't really know what else to call it. XD

It's a bunch of pictures with quotes to inspire all of you gymnasts out there to go out and do your best! I know it worked for me, at least (I had my sectionals yesterday; qualified to states with a 35.3 AA, won beam and took bronze in everything else. :D)! Let me know what you think!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Georgia Wins 5th Straight Championship

The Georgia Gymdogs won their 5th straight NCAA Championship yesterday scoring a 197.825, marking their tenth title. They are the first team to hit double digits in championship wins. Unreal.

Courtney Kupets let the way with two 10.0's (vault and bars) and two 9.95's (beam and floor), giving her a 39.9 all around. Double unreal.

Bama took second with a 197.575 and Utah took third with a 197.425.

Pretty crazy stuff right there. Courtney Kupets will be competing on all four apparatus in event finals. Oh, she also won the all-around title, too. Holy crap.

On a completely separate note... congratulations to Cassandra from my gym for winning floor and all around, as well as taking a silver medal on beam, at level 9 region 7 championships! Good luck at eastern nationals, girly! :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Few Things

*New layout. I wasn't digging the old one, so I replaced it.

*If you read this blog and you are a member of blogger, please follow Gym Chat! All you have to do is go to the bottom of the page and click the link that says "Subscribe to Posts". I'd kinda like to know who is reading this (so, uh... cough cough... a comment now and then would be nice too!)... besides my awesome reader Kate, who has commented like, 15,000 of my posts. Hehe.

*Continue to vote for Shawn on Dancing with the Stars! I feel like the judges are so tough on her... more so than any of the other competitors. Does anyone else feel the same way? In any case, she needs our votes! :]

Adios Amigos!

New Leotards from GK

Gk put up a whole bunch of new leos for sale this past weekend! 'Tis their summer collections, and some of them are really cute!

From the Nastia line...

Oh I see wat u did thar.

From the Shawn line...

Good God she is BUILT. Her head looks entirely too small for the rest of her in this picture. Anyhow, much improvement in this set than the last, IMO. I love the peace sign one above and the one that has "love" in that 60's type font on the front.

There's a new Adidas line with 4 leos that are just so so, nothing horribly exciting. Although one does look like a christmas tree...

Uhh... you're 4 months late there, GK!

There's also 2 new sets from GK's summer essentials. One set is blue and orange leos, the other red white and blue. Again... nothing of too much excitement.

Which are your favorites from the new line?

Thursday, April 9, 2009


I suck. On to the updates.

-Shawn has been doing fantastically on Dancing With The Stars! She's consistently been at the top of the group in scores (although for some reason is never at the top... who is Gilles anyway? And what's his appeal?), and seems to be a top contender for the title. She is now working on week six's dance, which will be either the rumba or the jive. Which do you think she should compete? To vote for Shawn, call 800-VOTE4-09 (800-86834-09), text the word “VOTE” to 3409 (AT&T mobile customers only) or visit the “Dancing with the Stars” Web site. VOTE FOR SHARK! :]

-NCAA Championships are set! Here's your list of teams;

Louisiana State University
Oregon State University
Pennsylvania State University
Stanford University
University of Alabama
University of Arkansas
University of California – Los Angeles
University of Florida
University of Georgia
University of Illinois
University of Oklahoma
University of Utah

Also, event winners and all around winners got to advance as well (if not already part of a qualifying team).
Rebecca Best, Ohio State University (Central Region)
Christina Lenny, Kent State University (Central Region)
Kelley Hennigan, University of Denver (North Central Region)
Jessica Lopez, University of Denver (North Central Region)
Adrianne Perry, University of Missouri (Northeast Region)
Sarah Shire, University of Missouri (Northeast Region)
Sarah Curtis, University of Michigan (South Central Region)
Elise Wheeler, Southern Utah University (South Central Region)
Meghan Morris, West Virginia University (Southeast Region)
Kylie Stone, University of Nebraska (Southeast Region)
Veronica Porte, San Jose State University (West Region)
Thomasina Wallace, San Jose State University (West Region)

Taylor Seaman, North Carolina State University (Southeast Region), floor exercise
Kylee Botterman, University of Michigan (South Central Region), floor exercise
Sarah Tomczyk, University of Arizona (South Central Region), floor exercise
Becky Bernard, University of Michigan (South Central Region), uneven bars.

NCAA Championships are set to begin on April 16th at the University of Nebraska!

-Nastia and Shawn are two of the five finalists for the AAU Sullivan Award! Fan voting has ended and it remains in the hands of the AAU officials. Cross your fingers. :]

-New layout is coming soon... within a couple hours, I'm hoping! :]