Thursday, April 9, 2009


I suck. On to the updates.

-Shawn has been doing fantastically on Dancing With The Stars! She's consistently been at the top of the group in scores (although for some reason is never at the top... who is Gilles anyway? And what's his appeal?), and seems to be a top contender for the title. She is now working on week six's dance, which will be either the rumba or the jive. Which do you think she should compete? To vote for Shawn, call 800-VOTE4-09 (800-86834-09), text the word “VOTE” to 3409 (AT&T mobile customers only) or visit the “Dancing with the Stars” Web site. VOTE FOR SHARK! :]

-NCAA Championships are set! Here's your list of teams;

Louisiana State University
Oregon State University
Pennsylvania State University
Stanford University
University of Alabama
University of Arkansas
University of California – Los Angeles
University of Florida
University of Georgia
University of Illinois
University of Oklahoma
University of Utah

Also, event winners and all around winners got to advance as well (if not already part of a qualifying team).
Rebecca Best, Ohio State University (Central Region)
Christina Lenny, Kent State University (Central Region)
Kelley Hennigan, University of Denver (North Central Region)
Jessica Lopez, University of Denver (North Central Region)
Adrianne Perry, University of Missouri (Northeast Region)
Sarah Shire, University of Missouri (Northeast Region)
Sarah Curtis, University of Michigan (South Central Region)
Elise Wheeler, Southern Utah University (South Central Region)
Meghan Morris, West Virginia University (Southeast Region)
Kylie Stone, University of Nebraska (Southeast Region)
Veronica Porte, San Jose State University (West Region)
Thomasina Wallace, San Jose State University (West Region)

Taylor Seaman, North Carolina State University (Southeast Region), floor exercise
Kylee Botterman, University of Michigan (South Central Region), floor exercise
Sarah Tomczyk, University of Arizona (South Central Region), floor exercise
Becky Bernard, University of Michigan (South Central Region), uneven bars.

NCAA Championships are set to begin on April 16th at the University of Nebraska!

-Nastia and Shawn are two of the five finalists for the AAU Sullivan Award! Fan voting has ended and it remains in the hands of the AAU officials. Cross your fingers. :]

-New layout is coming soon... within a couple hours, I'm hoping! :]


Kate said...

Gilles was on Sex in the City. He is seriously my favorite. I love him!

Kayleigh said...

I guess I'm just the slightest bit biased in Shawn's favor. Teehee. :]

Kate said...

My only fantasy crush is Derick, so I always root for him too. I've watched every season of DWTS!

My dream final 3: Lil Kim/Derick, Shawn/Mark, and Gilles/Cheryl. I don't think it will happen, but it could.

Kayleigh said...

Oh I think it could! I think that they're the best ones out there... although I think Melissa could sneak in there.

Kate said...

That's exactly what I don't want to happen! She's not even a celebrity...we feel bad for her, but she's not a star. And she was a pro dancer...Dallas Cowboy Cheerleading. It's not cheer, it's dance!