Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New Leotards from GK

Gk put up a whole bunch of new leos for sale this past weekend! 'Tis their summer collections, and some of them are really cute!

From the Nastia line...

Oh I see wat u did thar.

From the Shawn line...

Good God she is BUILT. Her head looks entirely too small for the rest of her in this picture. Anyhow, much improvement in this set than the last, IMO. I love the peace sign one above and the one that has "love" in that 60's type font on the front.

There's a new Adidas line with 4 leos that are just so so, nothing horribly exciting. Although one does look like a christmas tree...

Uhh... you're 4 months late there, GK!

There's also 2 new sets from GK's summer essentials. One set is blue and orange leos, the other red white and blue. Again... nothing of too much excitement.

Which are your favorites from the new line?


Andrew said...

You can see them at