Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Prelims - Results, Pics, Notes, and Quotes!

To no one's surprise, Becca and Bridget are both headed to AA finals. Surprisingly, though, there's 4 places between them - Rebecca led the AA, with Bridget in 5th!

Oh, such dramz.

Anyhow, Bridget fell on beam. Give her just that point back, and she would have been at least third. Who knows what Friday will bring?

In addition, Bridget and Rebecca are headed to bars finals - surprised? Me too. ESPECIALLY Bridget - who woulda thunk it? Not I! Of course, He Kexin stole the show with a score of 15.975 - a whole .925 ahead of Bross, who is in second with a 15.050. Barring no injury or meltdown, I think we know who will be the bars champ. :P

Says Bridget, "Bars were the highlight of my day. After beam, I wanted to do everything as cleanly as possible. My floor was a little rough and as I moved to vault and bars, I knew what my priorities were. This was a good learning experience for me. Every day I learn a bit more and (today) I learned a lot. I’m very excited to come back Friday and show them what I can do.”

Bross is also headed to floor finals - score 13.95. Kayla WIlliams is first reserve for that.

Speaking of Kayla... guess who's at the top of the vault charts? Though it's by a very slim margin - 14.812 to Hong Un Jong's 14.787 - Kayla couldn't be happier! “I had billions and billions of nerves,” said Williams about her first international event and World Championships, “but I think I handled it pretty well. I think I channeled my nerves into making my routines better. I was nervous on floor because it was my first time out.

“I did well on both (vaults), but especially my second one, the Yurchenko double full,” said Williams. “I think that is the best I can do. I am really proud of how I did, and I hope when I come back to finals, I can learn from this and do even better.”

Very excited for her... what a story!

Finally, Ivana qualified to beam finals, with a score of 14.400 - good enough for 4th place. She bombed bars, but I'm glad she didn't let that affect her on beam. Baby steps! :]

Oh, Bross is 1st reserve for beam as well. Woohoo.

A full list of qualifiers can be found below;

Pics can be found all over the web... some links below; (US Women) (Inside Gym) (Charlotte Observer) (The Big Picture - GREAT pics!)

More to come - and expect the gossip to start flying!


Kate said...

I was sad that Ksenia Semenova (sp) couldn't bring it on bars. I love her