Friday, October 16, 2009

Live Blogging

AA Finals Live Blogging!

1:33 - USA girls in the pink. Gack. Sorry, but Nastia is the only one who can pull this off and look good, IMO.

1:35 - Lauren Mitchell will be leading off on vault.

1:36 - Yang Yilin just took a nasty spill on her dismount during her touch on bars.

1:38 - Nice DTY from Lauren Mitchell. Step on the landing. 14.400.

1:40 - Porgras VT - Nice clean full twisting yurchenko. Lacking difficulty, but clean nonetheless.

1:41 - Decent routine for Kaeslin on UB. 13.875.

1:42 - Bross VT - Nice! Forward step on the landing, but should be a decent score. 14.525.

1:44 - Yilin UB - lacked some height on the releases, beautiful pirouette work. WOW, fell right on her head on that dismount. Saw that one coming! Bye bye title! 13.950.

1:46 - Clean DTY for Kurbatova. 14.625

1:48 - Lovely bar routine from Tsurumi! 15.050

1:48 - Bridget on vault - clean... step back on the landing. 14.825.

1:50 - Linlin - she's so stinkin cute... however, I still have a hard time believing she's 16. :P 14.225

1:51 - Dofournet on bars - sloppy, but great double layout dismount. 14.600.

1:52 - Loved Tamirjan's mount on beam - otherwise it looked very rushed. 14.125

1:54 - I LOVE the UK leos. Downie's tumbling is quite clean looking and nice to watch. She stuck her double pike cold. Very nice. 13.525.

1:56 - Rough fall on Semeynova's pak salto. Wow... two botched bar routines in a row.

1:58 - Galante on beam. WOW, awful leotard for Italy. Looks like zebra print sleeves and turquoise flowers on the bodice? Yeesh. Sloppy routine. 13.625.

2:01 - How many people can use the same music? Mattie Larson, Dasha Joura, now Becky Wing too... 12.550 ouch.

2:03 - First rotation complete.

2:05 - Becky Downie on VT - nice, clean DTY! 14.5

2:07 - Porgras will lead off on bars.

2:08 - Clean routine from Porgras. 14.675.

2:08 - Yilin on beam. She looks shaky. 14.225. I have a feeling this will turn into the Bridget-Becca-Porgras show. :P

2:10 - Tsurumi on beam. Beautiful skills and dance, albeit an itty bit shaky. 14.800.

2:12 - Bross on bars - Please no meltdown!

2:13 - WOW, GREAT routine for Bross. Very big on her releases and stuck the (huge) dismount cold! 15.075.

2:14 - Dufournet on beam - I don't know whether I like the fact that she stopped in the middle of her Onodi or not... I think I like it??? :P 14.450.

2:17 - Kurbatova UB - nice bars set. 14.700.

2:18 - Love Tamirjan on floor - you can tell she has training in ballet. She could present it more, but she's on her way! 13.600.

2:20 - DEAR GOD BRIDGET POINT YOUR TOES! Other than that... good routine for her! :P 14.800.

2:22 - Decent routine from Semenova. Missed the score... sorry. :S

2:24 - Linlin UB - she is so tiny! Nice routine! 13.900. I think this is a bit low, personally.

2:26 - 13.950 on vault for Rebecca Wing.

2:30 - I want to see Lauren Mitchell take the bronze... she had a good bar routine. Slight hop on the dismount. 13.625.

After 2:

1. Tsumuri
2. Sloan
3. Bross

2:33 - Koko on floor - oh my gosh, I love her. So clean! Stuck her 2 1/2 to front layout. Her dance is gorgeous. Lovely routine. 13.725.

2:35 - Bross on beam. Standing arabian - solid as a rock. Side somi (gack). Lands the dismount! As long as she doesn't botch floor, she'll be world champion. 15.300.

2:38 - Dofournet isn't very expressive on floor - get this girl a choreographer. :P 13.300.

2:40 - Kurbatova BB - fall on BHS back layout. 12.850.

2:42 - Tamirjan VT - so-so DTY. Holy leg separation! 14.275 (overscored, IMO).

2:44 - Sloan on BB. Baby wobble on back layout and full turn, but she made the front tuck. Ooh, she's shaky. Nice double pike dismount. 14.000. Ouch.

2:48 - Linlin beam - touched her hands on the beam on her front pike. She's shaky too. Foot slipped on her layout, but she stayed on. Fell on her sheep jump. I think it's safe to say the chinese will be leaving without a medal. 13.500.

2:51 - Yilin floor - I can't tell if her dance is artistic or if it looks like she's spasming. :P She isn't finishing her passes either (she's not raising her arms after she lands, I mean... she just moves right into the next part of the routine). This bothers me. 13.700.

2:53 - Downie - rough fall on her first Tkatchev. Bummer. :[ 13.600.

2:55 - Porgras waiting to go on BB... long wait beforehand. Judges are still working on Mitchell's score. Where was Mitchell's routine, anyhow?

2:59 - About time. Porgras on BB. She has lovely lines. Falls on her layout. Congrats Becca, it's yours unless you completely choke. 14.125.

After 3:

1. Bross
2. Sloan
3. Tsumuri
4. Mitchell
5. Porgras

3:02 - recap of Mitchell's beam routine - 15.100!

3:06 - Not feeling any of these floor routines. Come on, girls... make me watch! Kurbatova - 13.300.

3:08 - Dofournet on VT - interesting, different vault. 14.300.

3:09 - Sloan on floor - come on girl! Nice triple. Nice full in pike and dance. GO BRIDGET! Nice layout 2 1/2. LOVELY double pike! Love her! Aaaaah! 14.200, actually one of the higher scores of the day.

3:11 - Semenova - blech vault. :P

3:15 - Kaeslin VT - 15.125 (wowie!)

3:16 - Mitchell on floor. Nice double arabian. OOB on full-in pike. Turn in wolf (very cool). Clean routine all-in-all, but that out of bounds is going to cost. 14.025.

3:19 - Tsurumi on vault. Clean yurchenko full... unfortunately she'll lose the difficulty points, but a great meet for her! 13.600. Lauren Mitchell will wind up in 4th if Becca doesn't completely bomb.

3:21 - Porgras on floor. Messy legs on first pass. Lovely balletic lines and dance! Stuck double tuck. She's definitely one to watch in the future. 14... something too quick for me to catch. :P

3:24 - Bross on floor. If she lands on her feet, she wins.

She fell on her 2 1/2!!!!!

Bridget or Becca?

Bridget or Becca?


Becca gets 12.875 - BRIDGET WINS!


BRIDGET WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Final results:

1. Bridget
2. Rebecca
3. Koko Tsurumi!