Saturday, October 3, 2009

Pet Peeves -Part Uno

There are many, many things I could go on and on about that are wrong in the sport of gymnastics today - but there are a few that really irk me.

1. The Side Somi

(No, Nastia, even YOU, the 2005-2008 patron saint of graceful gymnastics, can NOT make this look good)

Ah, the side somi. WHY would anyone look at this and say, "gee, that's attractive! I think I'll put that in my routine!" I don't care who you are, it's ugly. Do an aerial or something instead. Chellsie Memmel got the hint... her aerial is beautious!

2. Flexed Toes (I'm looking at you Bridget!)

This is one thing that I just don't understand. How can you go to throw a Tkatchev, for example, and get a deduction because your friggen' toes aren't pointed? I don't get it. It's one of the first things you learn in the sport. It's not much more of an effort, so just DO IT ALREADY!

3. The Cowboyed Front Tuck

Is it really that hard to pull your legs into a real tuck? (I can answer that - no, it's not. :P ) Just like the side somi, THIS IS NOT ATTRACTIVE. End of story.

4. Arm-Flailing Dance

Come on, people, can we be a little original here? Make up some real dance, not "arm here, pose, arm here, another pose, arm waves, skill". Be unique! I love Alicia to death, but she's definitely guilty of this one.

5. The Un-180 Degree Split

One word (or is it two?); oversplits. Do them.

More to come.


allan said...

great post!!

Kate said...

Haha side somis and cowboyed tucks have to be the ugliest things ever!

Kayleigh said...

there's no doubt about that! :P

Anonymous said...

so I am curious ... this is so true. why do people do them? why did Nastia not fix the tuck? It can't be that she didn't know ..