Thursday, August 13, 2009


-Rebecca looks good! Her bars were awesome!

-LOVE Bridget and Samantha's leos. And their vaults were great!

-Poor Jana. Oh my.

-Kytra Hunter's floor = <333. Her tumbling is phenomenal!

-Not Ivana's best on bars. She saved that dismount!

-Thought Kytra deserved more than 14.4.


-Nice stuck dismount from Jana.

-Alicia is cute. :]

-Bridget's bars = W.O.W.

-Are the girls not like, adorable? Loved the Nastia/Bridget/Sam moment. :]

-Not crazy about Rebecca Clark's floor. Not enough choreography.

-Not crazy about the GAGE leo, actually. What's with the V?

-So happy to see Chellsie back! Iffy illusion, but overall, a GREAT routine!

-13.8 for Chellsie?!?!?!?!

-Kayla Williams... wow. Awesome floor.

-Not a bad beam set for Ivana!

-Not the best beam for Nastia, but it definitely could've been worse.

-That clip of the girls watching Nastia was SO cute. :]

-Sam's standing full to back pike = ROCK. Awesome routine!!!

-NOOOO BRIDGET NOO. What a flukey fall!

-Just from checking scores, Kayla Williams got a 15.0 on vault. Let us see it!!! :P

-Am I the only one who isn't crazy about Rebecca Bross?

-Wow. That SUCKS for Rebecca. If Ivana hits (which is asking alot)...

-How is Rebecca winning over Ivana?!?!

-Good double layout on floor for Jana. Still, something about her looks... off to me.

-I actually really like Sam's floor routine. Great tumbling!

-You know why we're having all these lock-kneed landings? Because this new code is making the girls try to stick, and it is DANGEROUS. Stupid, stupid rule.

-Surprisingly enough, not a bad score for Bridget after a not so great routine. 14.3.

-Still not crazy about Rebecca.

-Love love love Ivana's floor! <33

-HATE HATE HATE the new rule for floor, if that wasn't obvious enough. :P

Good meet so far...

1. Rebecca
2. Ivana
3. Bridget
4. Kytra
5. MacKenzie