Thursday, August 27, 2009


So uh... Bridget Sloan won nationals! Yay!

Yes, I realize that it's old news by now... Sorry about that. I just finished celebrating my 16th birthday and going back to school, so I kinda have an excuse. Lol.

In any case, guess what's in about 2 months???


So on USAG's site, they posted about the selection process. Basically, there's two camps - one Sept. 8-12, the second Sept. 30-Oct 4. 16 girls were invited to the first camp already, essentially the senior national team. After that, no less than 8 girls will be invited to the second camp. So essentially, all 16 girls could go through to camp numero dos, but that probably won't happen.

So... who's it gonna be?

Here's my idea;

1. Bridget
2. Samantha
3. Kayla
4. Ivana

Now I know some of you are like, "WTF Kayleigh, WTF?" But let me explain!

1. Bridget should obviously be on the team, as national champ and the gymnast with the highest all-around score this year at any meet.
2. I can't imagine Samantha not being put on the team. She was solid as a rock at nationals - her confidence is ridiculous, and I really think she could medal on beam.
3. Kayla... I'm iffy between putting her or Nastia on the team. Kayla could potentially medal on vault and floor both... but how would she do with the international judges?
4. This one came down to Ivana and Rebecca... and when it comes right down to it, I think Ivana is the better gymnast. I don't understand the obsession with Rebecca - she's got big skills, yes, but they aren't clean, IMO. I think Ivana would definitely go over better with the international judges. And could Rebecca handle the pressure of worlds already? I'd have doubts.



Kate said...

I would put Nastia in over Kayla. We all know the international judges love her to death and she could medal on beam and bars without a doubt. Becca will be good but I think it will take a seriously good camp for her to convince Martha she won't have another nerves carnival. That's something you can't do at worlds.