Thursday, August 13, 2009

100th Post, New Layout, and Nationals News!

100 Posts here at Gymchat! How excited am I that I've actually kept with this?

I'm in the process of making a new layout... probably no theme this time, just something pretty. :]

But now, the BIG stuff. Nationals!

Click Here for videos from Gymnastike from women's podium training and interviews with the guys after the night 1 competition!

Click Here for pictures from senior women's podium training!

Click Here for pictures from junior women's podium training!

Inside Gymnastics has a complete section covering nationals, including notes from Nastia, pictures, daily takes, and articles.

Results and Quick Hits from all sessions can be found at USAG's Website

Senior competitions from women's day 1 and 2 and men's day 2 are being webcast via Universal Sports HERE.

So, you're set with links! Now to discuss last nights competition...

Jonathan Horton is leading the all-around, with David Sender and Tim McNeill rounding out the top 3. I would really like to see David win it this year, as he has announced that this meet will be his last hurrah. I talked with him for a bit at last year's Olympic Trials (just kinda ran into him in the stands), and he really does seem like a genuinely sweet, awesome guy. His vault (a yurchenko double pike) scored a whopping 17.050. Crazy.

Women's day one is in store for today... bummer that the junior competition isn't being broadcast, but at least we have quick hits!


Kate said...

OMG now I'm torn! I don't know if I want Sender or Horton to win. I love both to death!!!