Monday, July 27, 2009

Covergirl Classic Thoughts

- Nastia's looking fierce! I can't wait to see what she does at nationals. And for the love of God, she better not make us wait until worlds, maybe even next year, to see her new floor routine! :P

-Jana... oh my. I really do feel bad for her. She just can't catch a break. It doesn't help that USAG just treats her like shit, either (we don't need you, NO YOU CAN'T GO COMPETE FOR GERMANY, WHAT IF WE NEED YOU?!?!) . She did not look good on anything. She was getting over the flu, too. I hope she can pull it together for nationals.

-Ivana's bars, for the most part, are looking much better. The tkachev could still use to be a little higher, and she's still typical inconsistent Ivana, but she really does look better.

-I LOVE LOVE LOVE Olivia Courtney's floor routine! The dance is very unique, and her tumbling is killer. Very very nice.

-Amanda Jetter looks pretty dang good for only having a month and a half to train. Her bars are great!

-Poor Rebecca Bross. Seems like she's constantly injured! Her bars looked pretty good, though. Her releases are HUGE.

-Jana's bars kinda sorta make me want to cry.

-Olivia Courtney's barani on beam = awesome.

-Sam Peszek's standing full +back pike on beam = WIN. And then... OUCH. That fall made me wince. Other than that, she really nailed it.

-Kayla Williams... WOW. Her floor looks much better, IMO. Who does a triple full as a side pass?!? And her vaults... nuts! She really has a legit shot at making the worlds team if she does well at nationals. She's filling Alicia's shoes nicely.

-Sabrina Vega... what a cutie! She definitely has a bigger fan base after this meet. She was just so stinkin' adorable with that mega-watt smile and her clean routines. :]

-Sam's vault looked good. And how much do I love that leotard, by the way? Her hair was kind of distracting though... haircuts are a wonderful thing, m'dear.

-Ivana's new floor music makes me go hmm. Something just doesn't click. I think it's just too slow.


1. Olivia Courtney
2. Ivana Hong
3. Kaitlyn Clark
4. Cassie Whitcomb
5. Kayla Williams

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Corrie Lothrop Injured

Inside Gymnastics is reporting via twitter that Olympic alternate Corrie Lothrop tore her achilles yesterday.

InsideGym(Sad) BREAKING NEWS: Olympic alternate Corrie Lothrop @corbear326 tore Achilles yesterday; details coming soon to

Serious bummer. She had some potential. I'm interested to see whether she comes back from this. Utah needs her! :[

"I Wanna Throw Up A Rainbow When I See You"

Hahaha. This was a promo for the ESPYs. I love how she just plays along, it's great.

"If I got a 9.5 on the uneven bars... would you go out with me?"
"No, because that's a terrible score in the new system."


Monday, July 20, 2009



Guess what?!?

I made my first REAL montage in like, 50 million years!

Let me know what you think! :D

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Shawn and Nastia Each Win an ESPY

Shawn Johnson won "Best Female Olympian"
Nastia Liukin won "Best Female Athlete"

Congrats to both girls! Winning an ESPY is no small feat! :D

You can watch the broadcast on ESPN on Sunday, July 19th at 9 PM.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Shayla Retires from Elite Gymnastics

2007 World Championships team gold medalist Shayla Worley announced she is retiring from elite gymnastics and moving on to another chapter in her life, her collegiate career at the University of Georgia.

“After a lot of thought and talking to my family and coaches, I decided it would be best for my body and my gymnastics career to prepare for my collegiate season. I plan to start at the University of Georgia and compete on the Gym Dogs gymnastics team in the fall of 2009.”

Worley, 18, from Orlando, Fla., trains at Orlando Metro with coaches Jeff Wood and Christi Barineau. Worley’s biggest accomplishment in her elite gymnastics career was helping the U.S. women’s team make history by winning the first ever women’s gold medal at a World Championships outside the United States.

“The 2007 World Championships gold medal stands out in my mind for many reasons,” said Worley. “It was the best team ever, we made history, and it was an amazing feeling to accomplish something that big!”

Worley also sites being on the national team for the past seven years as another major accomplishment. She finished second all-around at the 2007 Visa Championships and third all-around at the 2005 Visa Championships in the junior division. Worley also finished second all-around at the 2006 Tyson American Cup. She made a run for the 2008 Olympic Team, but an injury during the selection event in Houston dashed her hopes for a team berth.

Worley added, “I wanted to try for another World Championships because I didn’t get to make the Olympic Team when I was injured at the Selection Camp. But another Worlds is not going to fill that void for me, so I decided to move on to the next chapter in my life. I’m now looking forward to competing in front of 10,000 people at home meets and winning a national championships title!”

When asked what she plans to study at the University of Georgia , she is undecided.

“I’m not quite sure yet what I’ll study. I will take general classes as a freshmen, but I may be interested in the entertainment field.”

I'm still having trouble picturing her as a collegiate gymnast, but that's just me. It doesn't help that I'm... uh, not her biggest fan, I guess you could say. XD

She will be missed though.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

US Classic Roster

Thank you to Live.Breathe.Love.Gymnastics for this!!! :]


Baely Rowe Auburn Gymnastics Center Inc.
Sara Shipley Boca Twisters
Kathryn Carlisle Buckeye Gymnastics
Brianna Brown Cincinnati Gymnastics
Lexie Priessman Cincinnati Gymnastics
Claire Hom Desert Lights Gymnastics
Stefani Catour Desert Lights Gymnastics
Rachel Sine Girls Boys In Co-Operation G
Claire Hammen GK Gymplex
Alexandra Gremillion Gym-Max Gymnastics
Megan Kyle Gym-Max Gymnastics
Danielle Ramirez Gym-Max Gymnastics
Heather Foley M and M Gymnastics
Aja-Monet Sims Orlando Metro Gymnastics
Bridget Dean Orlando Metro Gymnastics
Annie Masenheimer Parkettes National GYM Center
Gracie Cherrey Perpetual Motion GYM Center
Dominiquea C Trotter Rebound Gymnastics Inc.
Devin Sheridan SCEGA Gymnastics
Maggie Nichols Twin City Twisters


Taylor Worthington Aim High Academy Inc
Nicole Steele Auburn Gymnastics Center Inc.
Heather Swanson Boca Twisters
Shynelle Agaran Boca Twisters
Nia Dennis Buckeye Gymnastics
Adeline Helland Denton Gymnastics Academy
Emily A Milliet Denton Gymnastics Academy
Arianna Ruth Desert Lights Gymnastics
Courtney Loper Desert Lights Gymnastics
Tara Catour Desert Lights Gymnastics
Zoe Martin Desert Lights Gymnastics
Cydney Crasa Exper-Tiess Gymnastics
Jacqueline Lowe Exper-Tiess Gymnastics
Morgan Alfaro Gym-Max Gymnastics
LaNiesha-Jopre Irvin Gym-Max Gymnastics
Savana Sparks Gymnastics Power
Amanda Bertorello LaFleur’s Gymnastics Largo
Kaitlin M Green LaFleur’s Gymnastics Largo
Caroline Caponi M and M Gymnastics
Skyler Memmel M and M Gymnastics
Brianna Winfrey MGA Gymnastics
Mikayla Magee MGA Gymnastics
Rachel Dickson Michigan Elite Gymnastics Acad
Destinee Davis Naydenov Gymnastics Inc.
Courtney Cowles New England Gymnastics Express
Jazmyn Estrella Parkettes National GYM Center
Jessica Wang Precision Gymnastics
Julianna Drapkin Rebound Gymnastics Inc.
Kami Amemiya-Shows SCEGA Gymnastics
Kristyn Hoffa SCEGA Gymnastics
Emma Slappey Starlight Gymnastics
Hailey Leonard Starlight Gymnastics
Allison Cary Texas Dreams Gymnastics
Ashton Kim Texas Dreams Gymnastics
Katherine Campbell Texas Dreams Gymnastics
Ariana Guerra Woodlands Gymnastics Academy
Bailie Key Woodlands Gymnastics Academy
Emily Oglesby Woodlands Gymnastics Academy
Macy Toronjo Woodlands Gymnastics Academy
Hayley Bolanos Woodlands Gymnastics Academy


Morgan Smith Brandy Johnson’s Global GYM
Alexandra Raisman Brestyan’s American Gymnastics
Talia Chiarelli Brestyan’s American Gymnastics
Asi Peko Brown’s Gymnastics-Las Vegas
Mackenzie Brannan Capital GYM Super Center
Amanda Jetter Cincinnati Gymnastics
Amelia Hundley Cincinnati Gymnastics
Margaret Teets Colorado Aerials GYM Center
Caitlin Atkinson Cypress Academy of Gymnastics
Abigail Milliet Denton Gymnastics Academy
Emily Milliet Denton Gymnastics Academy
Raven Helland Denton Gymnastics Academy
Mykayla Skinner Desert Lights Gymnastics
Dare Maxwell Dynamo Gymnastics
Keely McNeer Elite Gymnastics
Krystine Jacobsen Excalibur Gymnastics
Jordyn Wieber Gedderts Twistars USA
Claire Boyce Great American Gymn. Express
Katelyn Ohashi Great American Gymn. Express
Brenna Dowell Great American Gymn. Express
Rebecca Clark Great American Gymn. Express
Danielle McNair Gym-Max Gymnastics
Kristen Nogaki Gym-Max Gymnastics
Kyla Ross Gym-Max Gymnastics
McKayla Maroney Gym-Max Gymnastics
Nicolette McNair Gym-Max Gymnastics
Jordyn Beck McCrackens Gymnastics and Swim
Carinne Gale Monarch’s Natl GYM Training Ce
Bridgette Caquatto Naperville Gymnastics Club
Alyssa Shermetaro Olympia Gymnastics Academy
Braie Speed Olympic Hills Gymnastics
Lauren Marinez Orlando Metro Gymnastics
Kellie Wanamaker Parkettes National GYM Center
Madeline Hanley Parkettes National GYM Center
Sophina DeJesus SCEGA Gymnastics
Lauren Beers Southern Tier Gymnastics
McKenzie Wofford Stars GYM Training Center-Hous
Ericha Fassbender Stars GYM Training Center-Hous
Rachel Daum Stars GYM Training Center-Hous
Kiana Winston Texas Dreams Gymnastics
Gena Pitts Texas Dreams Gymnastics
Katelyn Haworth Texas Dreams Gymnastics
Kennedy Baker Texas Dreams Gymnastics
Napualani Hall Texas Dreams Gymnastics
Kara Lovan Triad Gymnastics
Grace McLaughlin WOGA Gymnastics
Madison Kocian WOGA Gymnastics
Briley Casanova WOGA Gymnastics
Sophia Lee WOGA Gymnastics
Elizabeth LeDuc Woodlands Gymnastics Academy
Ashley Lambert World Class Gymnastics


Georgia Dabritz Ace Gymnastics Inc.
Jana Bieger International gYM
Brooke Parker Capital Gymnastics Natl Center
Cassandra Whitcomb Cincinnati Gymnastics
Kiersten Wang Colorado Aerials GYM Center
Rheagan Courville Elite Gymnastics
Britney Ranzy Excalibur Gymnastics
Kayla Williams Gym Nest Inc.
Corrie Lothrop Hill’s Gymnastics
Kytra Hunter Hill’s Gymnastics
Mackenzie Caquatto Naperville Gymnastics Club
Olivia Courtney Orlando Metro Gymnastics
Annette Miele Parkettes National GYM Center
Morgan Steigerwalt Parkettes National GYM Center
Kaitlyn Clark Precision Gymnastics
Samantha Peszek Sharp’s Gymnastics Academy
Sarah Persinger Southeastern Gymnastics Center
Kimberly Jacob Superior Gymnastics
Alaina Johnson Texas East Gymnastics
Anastasia Liukin WOGA Gymnastics
Ivana Hong WOGA Gymnastics
Rebecca Bross WOGA Gymnastics

How freaking excited am I for this meet??? So many big names. Lizzy Leduc and Jordyn Wieber competing in the junior elite portion, Ivana in her first meet with WOGA, Nastia's return to competition, Kayla Williams, Samantha Peszek, Corrie Lothrop, Jana Bieger... it's going to be such an interesting meet. And I won't be able to watch the live streaming because I'll be at Kennywood. AGGGGGH.

In any case... If I WEREN'T at Kennywood, I would watch. Will you?? :]


Not sure when this was, but I found it whilst surfing youtube and thought it was pretty dang funny. XD