Monday, July 27, 2009

Covergirl Classic Thoughts

- Nastia's looking fierce! I can't wait to see what she does at nationals. And for the love of God, she better not make us wait until worlds, maybe even next year, to see her new floor routine! :P

-Jana... oh my. I really do feel bad for her. She just can't catch a break. It doesn't help that USAG just treats her like shit, either (we don't need you, NO YOU CAN'T GO COMPETE FOR GERMANY, WHAT IF WE NEED YOU?!?!) . She did not look good on anything. She was getting over the flu, too. I hope she can pull it together for nationals.

-Ivana's bars, for the most part, are looking much better. The tkachev could still use to be a little higher, and she's still typical inconsistent Ivana, but she really does look better.

-I LOVE LOVE LOVE Olivia Courtney's floor routine! The dance is very unique, and her tumbling is killer. Very very nice.

-Amanda Jetter looks pretty dang good for only having a month and a half to train. Her bars are great!

-Poor Rebecca Bross. Seems like she's constantly injured! Her bars looked pretty good, though. Her releases are HUGE.

-Jana's bars kinda sorta make me want to cry.

-Olivia Courtney's barani on beam = awesome.

-Sam Peszek's standing full +back pike on beam = WIN. And then... OUCH. That fall made me wince. Other than that, she really nailed it.

-Kayla Williams... WOW. Her floor looks much better, IMO. Who does a triple full as a side pass?!? And her vaults... nuts! She really has a legit shot at making the worlds team if she does well at nationals. She's filling Alicia's shoes nicely.

-Sabrina Vega... what a cutie! She definitely has a bigger fan base after this meet. She was just so stinkin' adorable with that mega-watt smile and her clean routines. :]

-Sam's vault looked good. And how much do I love that leotard, by the way? Her hair was kind of distracting though... haircuts are a wonderful thing, m'dear.

-Ivana's new floor music makes me go hmm. Something just doesn't click. I think it's just too slow.


1. Olivia Courtney
2. Ivana Hong
3. Kaitlyn Clark
4. Cassie Whitcomb
5. Kayla Williams


Erin (andforallthis) said...

Sam seemed so off balance during her whole routine.

Justin Walker said...

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