Friday, June 6, 2008

Part 2


Vault -

Mattie Larson does a DTY with a small step on the landing. 14.900
Corrie Lothrop also does a DTY and steps on the landing. 14.700
Jana Bieger does a Yurchenko 1 1/2 pretty solid. Step on the landing. 14.500

Bars -

Alaina Johnson does a solid routine for a 14.050
Randy Stageberg also does a good routine for a 13.250. Lacking in the difficulty department. She only has a 5.4 start for difficulty.
Britney Ranzy hits her routine, has two steps out of her double-layout dismount. 13.300.
Saint Nastia Liukin becomes the first American gymnast to score a 17... and that was with a step on the landing! She wound up with a 17.050.
Shawn does a great routine, only taking a very small step on her double-twisting double-layout dismount. 15.400.
Christa Tanella takes an extra swing before her overshoot. 13.550.

Beam -

Olivia Courtney does a good routine, but stumbles out of her double-pike dismount. 14.600.
McKenzie Caquatto does a good routine. 14.800.
Chellsie Memmel hits a GREAT routine, and sticks her double pike. Yay! 16.050. Glad to see she's back and still good. :)
Amber Trani also does a decent routine, just a step on the dismount. 14.850.
Ivana Hong hits a strong routine for a 15.250
Kimberly Jacob hits a really nice routine, even sticks her handspring full. Then she went and fell on her double-pike dismount. Boo. 13.850.

Floor -

Darlene "Darling" Hill (what's up with the whole "Darling" thing? Not a fan, personally...) does a nice, solid routine, but is a little short on her double pike. 15.100
Alicia Sacramone also does a good routine, but steps OOB. 15.500, which still got her second place.
Samantha Peszek steps out on her double double, and has a few steps out of her other passes. 15.200.
Ashley Stott has LOADS of OOB's. She stepped out on her apparantly super-high arabian double front, landed out on her 1 1/2 through to 2 1/2 layout, and stepped out on her double-pike. Ouch. 14.150... there was .7 of out of bounds deductions!


Vault -

Darling Hill does a Yurchenko 1 1/2, but takes a BIG step OOB. 14.300
Alicia Sacramone does a good handspring Rudi, just a small hop on the landing. Her second vault was a Yurchenko double, again having just a small hop on the landing. 15.900.
Samantha Peszek also does a Yurchenko double and almost sticks it, but takes a small step. 15.000.
Ashley Stott does a Yurchenko double and had just a tiny hop. 14.600.

Bars -

Mattie Larson falls on her stalder chaposh, and has a step out of her 1/2 in front out dismount. 14.200.
Corrie Lothrop falls on her stalder 1/2, and steps out of her full twisting double-tuck dismount. 14.000.
Jana Bieger does a pretty solid routine for a 15.450.
Katelyn Mohr falls on her tkatchev, which hurts her score in a big way. Her A score is only 5.4... she got a 13.350.

Beam -

Randy Stageberg has a solid routine, but has a large step out of her double-pike dismount. 14.500.
Saint Nastia does a very nice routine and just steps out of her dismount. 16.100.
Shawn Johnson sticks her fantastic handspring handspring layout to two feet, my favorite thing ever. She stepped out of her roundoff full-in dismount. 16.000.
Christa Tanella falls TWICE - once on her side semi, and once on her dismount. Her foot slipped a la Nastia at 05 nationals. 12.350. Ouch.

Floor -

Chellsie Memmel does a really good routine that earns her a 15.100. Oh, she's back (sorry cccam! :P)
Amber Trani steps OOB on her arabian double-front, but the rest of her routine was pretty good. 14.100.
Ivana Hong does an OK routine. She was a bit low on her 1 1/2 to front full, and had a small "shuffle" (thanks USAG, for that wonderful quote... :P) on her double-pike. 15.150.
And to finish out the meet... Olivia Courtney does a pretty decent routine for a 14.450.

So there's your day 1 of nationals. It's going to be broadcast June 7th at 4pm. Set your TiVos!!!


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Thats good. I haven't done gymnastic's in ages. So half of this stuff is confusing. Lol. But my favorite events to watch are the Floor and Bars. Haha.

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