Saturday, June 14, 2008

In Other News, the Pope is Catholic!

Shawn (as expected) won the Senior US Nationals last week (yeah, my bad. School's out now, so I should be able to post things when they actually happen. :P). Saint Nastia came in second, followed by Chellsie in 3'd. Yay! Samantha came in 4th, Ivana in 5th.

The rest of the results are as follows:

6. Jana Bieger
7. Mattie Larson
8. Corrie Lothrop
9. Randy Stageberg
10. Mackenzie Caquatto
11. Olivia Courtney
12. Alaina Johnson
13. Christa Tanella
14. Britney Ranzy
15. Ashley Stott

Which means Ashley missed making it to Trials by just two spots. Bummer. :(

Anyways, individual event medalists - A Sac wins vault, as usual. Saint Nastia wins bars in a landslide, as well as beam. Shawn got floor. :)

So there's your '08-'09 national team. All of them are proceeding to trials (oh. em. gee. I leave for that on Thursday! *dies*). So here's your complete list of competitors for next weekend:

*Jana Bieger
*Mackenzie Caquatto
*Olivia Courtney
*Chelsea Davis
*Darling Hill (I still don't like your new name, dahhling!)
*Ivana Hong
*Alaina Johnson
*Shawn Johnson
*Mattie Larson
*Nastia Liukin
*Corrie Lothrop
*Chellsie Memmel
*Samantha Peszek
*Britney Ranzy
*Alicia Sacramone
*Bridget Sloan
*Randy Stageberg
*Amber Trani
*Shayla Worley

Mmkay... I think I'll go die now. Just to warn you, I may update from trials... so if you want to watch it on tv without spoilers, I'd avoid this blog. :P