Wednesday, June 17, 2009

News news news...

I know I've been slacking lately. I'm off of school now, so hopefully I can update more often! Lots of news to catch up on here...

1. Shawn and Nastia are both nominated for the Teen Choice Awards! They are both nominated for choice female athlete, and additionally, Shawn is nominated for choice female reality star for Dancing With the Stars. She'll be up against Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, and some chick from America's Next Top Model. Good luck to both!

2. Now, some of the most RIDICULOUS news I think I've heard in a long time. The FIG is adding a "kiss and cry" zone to artistic gymnastics. You know, like in figure skating competitions where they'll go and sit with their coaches while waiting for their scores? Yeah. WHY, FIG, WHY? This is completely and utterly pointless. Not to mention that it is going to cast a bad image on the sport. FIG is killing the sport of gymnastics. Murdering it.

3. Dasha Joura is out for the rest of the 2009 season. She needs surgery to repair a ruptured ligament she acquired during podium training in Beijing last year. Bummer. I hope she can make a recovery. :/

4. "Make It or Break It" is set to premiere on Monday on ABC Family. It will be interesting to see how this show turns out. I'm being optimistic for the moment. :]

5. Evidently, a bunch of changes are being proposed in the NCAA gymnastics world. One being that the format of meets is changed to 6 up 6 count, the other being that in the NCAA team finals, only 4 teams compete rather than continue with the Super Six. Hmm. Not sure how I feel about that.


This is relatively tasteless... and somehow relatively humorous at the same time? Hmm.

7. I'm working on a new layout. Should be a good one. ;)


Kate said...

I love the summer layout.

I am very sad for Dasha.

I don't like those change suggestions for NCAA or the cry zone or whatever.

I am excited for Make it or Break it, however I am much more excited for Secret Life.

Kayleigh said...


Me too. She will be missed this year. :[


I haven't seen Secret Life, but everyone at the gym loves it. I should watch. Haha. :]

Kate said...

There's a marathon event coming up...either Sunday or Monday. YAY. My guy friend and I would either get together, or text-discuss every night. We are so ready for the new season, except he leaves for DC Sunday, so he may miss it.

Reecee said...

Hey Kayleigh! Its reecee from the CB. Who on earth made that movie up? (did Shawn really break her knee?)I know the rest was fake but i am not sure on that one

Kayleigh said...

Hi Reecee! Hoorah, someone else who reads my blog! Haha. It's from an online show called The Onion, I guess. She didn't actually break her knee, all is well in Shawny world. :]

Reecee said...

Hey Kayleigh! Yeah I love your blog! Its so cool. It really sounded to me like they were talking about a horse, you know "track" harness" and you only put HORSES down for a broken knee or leg. ( I have a bunch of horses)I am glad that Shawn did not break her knee. Is she training again for the 2012 olympics?

Kayleigh said...

I don't think she's back in the gym. Last I heard, she was just working with a personal trainer to get ready to get back in the gym. We shall see, I suppose. I have my doubts of her coming back. :[