Saturday, May 9, 2009

Coming Soon to Gym Chat

Coming soon to a Gym Blog near you!

1. A New Layout! Summer is coming soon, so it's time for a new, sunny layout.

2. Thoughts on NCAA Nationals. Aired today on NBC, so whenever I get the chance to watch it again, I'll post my "Things I Loved" a la FX Finals in Beijing.

3. A Youtube! Gym Chat will have its own youtube featuring routines, montages, fluff, and more! There will also be posts here once a month for you guys to post your favorite videos so that they can be favorited and added to the page.

4. Secretive new pages that are still only in my brain. If anything becomes of them, I shall let you all know.


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USAG is being lame and not posting scores from the France friendly exchange, which makes me sad. I'll hunt and see if I can find them somewhere else. In any case, they pretty much slaughtered Germany last weekend - 232.4 to 219.7. Jeez. Bridget won AA (yay!), followed by 2008 Olympic Alt. Corrie Lothrop. Where's Mattie? I miss her and hope she stepped up yesterday in France! :]

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Kate said...

Ugh I can't believe I missed NCAAs. I was out on the track freezing my butt off watching my future college track team at conference.

Rose said...

I know I missed them too =[
I don't think I had track that day though haha I have no idea they were on